Education is powerful weapon for change. Contribution to long term holistic growth. It is the key to address almost all the socio economic issues face by people. SH provides viable educational opportunities to students who are studying in schools, colleges, higher studies and for vocational training; emphasis. is being put on placing these students with value for money and leading to the best employment. SH is sponsoring students across Maharashtra for schooling, vocational training, and for higher education.

Since its inception, more than 145 children have directly benefitted from the ‘Education Empowers program

  • 122 children were supported for fees and educational material
  • 14 youngsters were motivated and enrolled for vocational training; out of which 7 got direct placement and earning a fair amount.
  • Paid professional courses fees for 9 students across Mumbai & Palghar

Education Fees Applied

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Applicant Connected With Government Schemes


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Service to Humanity expanded its work in Mumbai, Palghar and Thane district with the motive of Helping others Grow and lead life with Dignity. We believe, unless we take responsibility as individual and act proactively in process of change, we won’t able to see our vision fulfilled.

In process our experience has taught us many learnings and widened our horizon towards our approach from the

‘Charity to Development’


‘Needs to Rights’

“Rights are protected not by law but by the social and moral conscience of the society.” - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Keeping this in mind Service to Humanity adopted Right based approach in 2019 and focuses on securing one’s basic right of survival; protecting one’s rights and helping general people to lead life with dignity. we take this as our responsibility and builds capacity of individuals & group simultaneously strengthening the service providers (system) for effective deliverables.